How Guinea Pigs show up on Earth

If ever your Guinea Pig asks how he or she has been brought to life, don’t lie! Tell the truth: as the human babies are brought by a stork, we are here thanks to the owls.

No matter how amazing it seems, this is the honourable truth. At least this is what I’ve heard from the rabbits that were hosted near my cage in the pet shop… And I have no reason to believe they were trying to mislead me. Also, I’ve seen a number of owl toys in the pet shop, and the rabbits told me they are there to make the Guinea Pigs feel more comfortable.

Despite all this, I find it strange that I kind of get scared when somebody waves a cloth nearby. I’ve tried to analyse my behaviour from a psychoanalytical perspective and the only conclusion is that either I’m afraid an owl might get me back from where I came; either another bird might abduct and probably eat me… Although I’ve never heard of any such case.

A very difficult approach over my personality… Anyhow, remember: tell your Guinea Pig the truth about the owl! He will be able to watch Harry Potter with you after this.

(Written by Kirk in a moment of deep insight.)


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