When I was a little boy…

I must start saying that we share our apartment with 2, sometimes 3, humans. And the craziest about us is a female. We were leaving only with her for few months, so we got to train her well. And she is also our official photographer, this being how we have at the present time an archive with around 500 pictures. All were taken since March 2013…

As I really enjoy playing the photo model role (I’m able to pose and stay still for more than 30 seconds), I also like to search through my pictures and check what nice captures are in the archive. Just to reassure myself how perfect I am… So, the other day, I found this one from March 31, 2013:


Honestly, I was shocked about the size of my ears. Huge! And this made me think that we may be born with already grown ears. So, our body grows, but not our ears… If this is not the truth, I have a big problem: my ears are still the same as when I was a kid. I should really measure them and keep an eye on the subject.

Also, look at my paws! They also seem huge… But now they seem normal. The only guy with whom I may compare myself is Spock, but he’s not relevant because he doesn’t have my dimensions.

Ups! I almost forgot to show you a picture with the actual (current) me.


Am I beautiful or what?

(Written by Kirk in a very narcissist moment.)


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