How to destroy physically two cats

When we were little kids, we used to play together all over the house for hours. While we were doing this, the human female was very passionate about things she could find on this particular screen. So she was paying no attention to us.

And we discovered she had two black cats. True, not very active, but still two cats! And the cats were always on the floor and following the female all over the place, being particulary very attached to her feet. Strange creatures this cats with their need to cover one’s feet…

So, we came up with a plan. We were to pretend we don’t see the cats and just wander around in the house. When the cats would have been sure we had nothing to do with them, we were to start crawling very close to the walls (to be undetectable) and approach the enemy from behind. I was supposed to attack the left cat and Spock the right one, as they were always together.

During the first attack, we’ve noticed that their moustaches tasted slightly like plastic. So, chewing was a very good idea. Strangely, the cats were not doing anything! No reaction, no complaint. So we thought that poor cats were actually waiting for someone to shorten their moustaches… But the human female did not seem very happy when she saw the result. We could suppose the cats were forced to wear those moustaches against their wills.

Of course, the frowning of the so called alpha female didn’t disturb our plan. And during the next times spent freely in the house, we even passed to their ears. Not very funny, as we discovered a dog passed by also and destroyed already one ear. We’ve started to ask ourselves if the dog is still in the house and where is he hiding. We’ve already searched under the oven!


But this was when we were kids, I mean like 9 months ago… In the meanwhile, we found out there is no dog in the house and that the cats are actually slipers. But we tore them apart already. 😀

(Written by Kirk right before he went to bed.)


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