Spock in a bag

Watch out where you leave you bags in our house! You may find one of us searching for something inside. Although the humans claim not to carry hay with them all the time, I am pretty sure you could find something interesting in every bag.

Like the other day, for example. Right after New Years’ Eve, I was taking a walk in the living room (the bedroom is Kirk’s territory). And I found a paper bag… I turn around it, smelled it, tried to decide if it’s worth chewing or not. Finally, I’ve decided to taste it, but not from the bottom, which was the closest part to me, but from the handlers. Because I’m not pig for an easy thing!

So, the struggle began. Me against the bag! The bag against me! I’ve started by sitting in front of it and trying to come up with a strategy. After 42 seconds I got bored, and I walked away to search for some food. I found some lost cereals on the floor from the age when we were still allowed to eat something like this. I chewed all, looking over my shoulder to check if Kirk was still in the bedroom.

When I’ve finished, I was so happy with my five cereals eaten without being caught by Kirk that I’ve started pop corning all over the place! In my excitement, I’ve hit the bag and it felt. I almost forgot about it… So I was even happier! I went to check what’s inside and surprise! There was hay!

I love hay! But humans don’t… Strange creatures! Anyway, I went in to the bag and hid inside and ate. What a lovely day it was!



(Written by Spock while pop corning remembering this happening.)


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