A full week-end

Due to some misfortunate happenings, the quarantine of Worf and Data ended and we got to know each other. They moved in the living room, their room close to mine, temporary placed on an armchair.

First encounter was quite disturbing, that Data being even crazier than Spock. Because he kicked some rabbit backs in the pet shop he has the impression he could kick all the backs in the world. He is definitely dominating Worf, and he tried to menace me also, but I’m positive he won’t get to touch me as I already gave instructions to the humans regarding the fact that a philosophe like me shouldn’t be bothered with trivial things like educating new piggies. Apparently Spock decided to be calmer and to take on him this task…

On the other hand, Worf seems all shy and very aware of his position. So I might even get to become friends with him. I like a lot that he already understood the importance of wheeking when the time comes. I mean breakfast / dinner time. He even gets to produce higher sounds than I, so he may become a very important ally in my daily struggle for food. I’ve also noticed he likes to rise himself on the back paws and analyze the world from there.

But not everything is perfect… I’ve heard the humans talking about visits to the vet, the human female checked us all thoroughly and she seemed upset the whole Sunday. I’ve eavesdropped and heard her saying that Worf and Data might have some skin condition and she should take them to the vet. To my understanding, if this is true, we will all have to take medicines and I really don’t like this. I hope we will all be fine and that my fur will stay perfect as it is.

By the way, I really like the appetite of these two new piggies: they seem decided to produce as much damage in the vegies stock as possible. It is a nice attitude and I’m proud I have companions in my quest. But there will be a lot of work to do to teach them how to pose; especially that Worf has very dark eyes on a very dark fur, so difficult to catch well. Also, thanks to all gods that Data has pink ears and Spock has them grey, otherwise in few months the humans might have confounded them. Not me, I’ll always recognize Spock, no matter what.

I’ll talk to Spock to see if we should invite the little piggies to write a guest post. Just to check if they are capable and if you like them enough. After all, I do not wish to alter our chances to become famous. And most probably tomorrow Spock will share his opinion about Worf and Data. But I’ll show you below some snapshots with them. And one with me, of course.

So, this is Data with his pink, huge ears. (It’s like a Dumbo of the Guinea Pighs…)


And the not very photogenic Worf. Still I must admit he has funny colours. guinea_pigs_tales_worf_1

And me supervinsing the house…


Now I have to go back to supervise the gang and drop psychoanalytical conclusions…



I think we already explained how very busy piggies we are. Sleeping and eating is hard enough and, on top of this, we still need to supervise the house, chew precious stuff like power cord and invoices, hack the laptops to pick a glance on the new members of the gang (yeah, they are still in the bedroom) etc. What I want to say is that we don’t have a lot of time left for reading other blogs, so we personally visit only few blogs. Maybe when we will be four on the team, we will divide the tasks. Maybe…

So, that’s the reason why we have humans to serve us. For example, our human female already knows her way in the bloggers world (true, only in Romanian) and we are still not sure we can fully trust her, but for the moment we gave her also the task of taking care of our “public relations” section. Now, don’t get me wrong: we still read the blogs with and about furry friends, but it’s better that she goes and visits the beauty blogs and other interesting virtual homes. I have no interest in make-up, for example. Or IT… Or poetry… But she does. We just need to keep an eye on her to make sure she still goes to work and earns money. So, if you get “likes” and comments from a lady called MM, it’s our human female. Of course, she is not allowed to put a link to her own blog (nobody understands her mother tongue!), nor to speak on our behalf.

Until the present moment, we couldn’t find any suitable activity for the human male. Except the one of buying the 20 kilos packs of sawdust, but last time he went to the pet-shop for this he came back with two other guinea pigs… And this is not because he has no skills, but because he has moods: sometimes he accepts gladly to do groceries for us, sometimes refuses and the human female must carry a lot of vegies all around the city. So, how could we give him important tasks regarding our careers?

Conclusion: keep in mind that MM is our delegate in reading your blogs, although she hasn’t have the time to pass-by daily. And thank you for visiting us.

Now I should go back to sleep. Or maybe popcorning. Or better pooping… Tough life!

Should I go or should I stay?


A new milestone

Our main human doesn’t spend too much time at home. Especially since we have two new members of the crew, she must work and study to make sure there is enough money in her accounts to pay for our vegies. Because Data and Worf are big eaters also, even I being amazed of how fast they switched on vegies and how much they can chew. But, this is not about how they eat around 300g of vegies each per day, but it’s about me and why I might be the next Napoleon Bonaparte of the world. Yeah, I’ll skip the “imprisonment on a small island” part, but I’ll still conquer the world. 😀

So, Spock already told you how busy our human female was on Monday evening. I was also utterly unhappy about being put aside for two hours, but I hope this mess will end at some point and I’ll get to train the new members of the gang. Anyway, I forgot why I was upset when the food landed in my cage: parsnips and carrot greens! I’m not very fond of the first one, but the carrot greens are very tasty and full in vitamin C. Eating took me a while and the human female must have been felt like sleeping already, so she came and started to pet me while I was chewing.

I’ve stopped for a second trying to decide if I should continue eating or stretching and spoiling myself. But it stuck me I could do both. So, I’ve “fluffied” my but in the sawdust and let her do her thing. I was wheeking with pleasure and chewing with the same amount of pleasure on the same time. And I realized I’m that close to Napoleon who could do three things on the same time… Exactly when I was being sorry for not finding a third stuff to do, I felt like pooping. And there I was: wheeking, pooping and eating on the same time. I’ve told you I’ll be the next Napoleaon!

By the way, this is my Napoleon pose: