Red paprika strikes again!

I think we both already told you that our humans are obsessed with taking pictures of us. Especially the female… And especially in the week-ends. On one side, this is a good thing because we can document our lives and keep a track for the times when we would have to write our impressive biography. On the other side, I’m affraid my fur will lose its shine from all those pictures.

This morning the human male fed us. With red paprika. So I’ve got the usual colored fur underneath my chin. And she got her usual excitement when she saw this, translated in “let’s shot some pictures!”. As any snapshot with me is impressively awesome, I would like to share them with you. My comments included. 😀

“What, human?! What do you want now?!”

guinea_pigs_tales_kirk_say_what“Yes, I had some red paprika! So what?! By the way, your husband fed me!”

guinea_pigs_tales_kirk_yes“And this is the prove… Now, can I go back to sleep?!”guinea_pigs_tales_kirk_paprikaAnd now I’m really going back to sleep. Maybe she will give me a break from the photo sessions.


2 thoughts on “Red paprika strikes again!

  1. Your stars and with that comes pigparrazi! Your humans love you ver much and love to show you off the world. You are very lucky piggies.

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