What else you can do with the hay

I love chewing hay. It’s one of my favorite activities and I did it even when I had an indigestion caused by a piece of a plastic label. Hay is awesome! But not only for eating, as it may seem. And I will explain and show you below another two ways of using it. Just bear with me.

First of all, dear furry friend, you must understand that humans have a strange idea about how the cage should be clean and hay should be kept in a rack. And that we should do some sports to get it. Like climbing some bars… People are strange, as Jim Morrison (another strange biped) would say. So, the first step is to take all the hay down on the floor of your cage. Of course you can taste it and munch on it while doing it!


So, we’ve got it all on the floor?! Cool! Now you must decide what you would like to do with it. First option would be to sleep on it in various positions. And pee on it, of course! Hay is soft and can be a nice, comfy bed after a tiring trip on the couch. After all, chewing cables is not an easy job! Or chewing unpaid invoices…  But make sure you laid well your bed: you must know your dimensions and spread the hay uniformly so none of your precious members stay outside.


Another use of the hay is as a getaway from insistent humans trying to take snapshots of you. Very tiring to be forced to look spick & span the whole day… I mean, imagine, if one photo is not nice and gets on the Internet, my image may be ruined. And I definitely don’t want this to happen. So, I hide in the hay. And I try to do it well so nobody can see me.


Of course, Kirk seems to know very well where I am, but he keeps it quiet.  Because he does that also! True, you can hide in the hay also only for fun, like Kirk seems to prefer.


So, enjoy using your hay in other ways than just eating. 😀


3 thoughts on “What else you can do with the hay

  1. You boys are very handsome. No wonder your human loves to take pictures of you and put them on the internet. Loved the instructions on how to make good use of your hay. My pigges must have seen your website cause they all the steps down to T.

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