How we ended up with our main human

Or “More about us – part I”…

Well, it’s been a while since we have this blog: one month it’s a lot when you live only few years. So, maybe it’s time to share more about us…

We were born in Belgium, each of us in a different place. I mean we were brought by owls in different parts of Belgium. After few weeks from our birth, we ended up in some pet shops, but just because some crazy humans were searching for two Guinea Pigs of same sex. Apparently they were trying to get a present for a human female – some masters to whom she should dedicate her life. As at that time we were sharing the space with some rabbits and eating only cereals, we were looking forward to have some human that could feed us and be at our disposal 24/7.

So, we both ended up in her (let’s call her “the human female“) house on the 16th of March 2013. I (Kirk) was brought in cardboard box with some cut orifices for air, and Spock arrived in a big cardboard box with some hay in it. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that our sex was thoroughly checked by one of the  human males that came to fetch us. Of course, the incompetent humans from the pet shop gave to the buyers a small cage of 37 x 58 cm for both of us. But, in the first days it worked – we were anyway scared and shy.

Why scared?! Imagine being a small furry creature (we were weighting around 320g (me) and 250 (Spock)) with a lot of big humans around you and not knowing if the one you will get is normal enough to take good care of you! Especially that we overheard the two  human males that got us from the pet shop saying they don’t like “rats”!

But, finally we’ve got a nice biped female who gave us vegetables from the first day and made a lot of research about how she should take care of us. Even a little bit too much, If I may say. Which I really don’t get it… We were there, we could have explained her, but she doesn’t understand our language. Strange, because we are able to understand hers… By the way, we speak four languages: French, English, Flemish and Romanian, but we prefer writing in English, although we are not doing it perfect.

So, the first two weeks she let us only on the couch in a green blanket. What an amazing time it was!  Peeing and pooping in a blanket and on a couch doesn’t compare with anything else. Then we were allowed in the house and we discovered the cats and theirs whiskers. Happy times!

I will stop here and let Spock to share with you how we ended up quarreling and convincing the human to increase the surface of our apartments. But not before showing you our first shared room and how shy we were.



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