Happy Guinea Pig females’ Day!

I have no idea if you are all aware, but today is the International Women’s Day. And it refers only to humans…  We (me & Spock) find this utterly unfair towards the Guinea Pigs females, so we decided to dedicate this post to this specific issue.

Dear furry friend, Guinea Pig or other race, don’t be surprised if you see your humans behaving strange today. For example, in some parts of Europe, if the human male fails to remember to bring at least some flowers to the human female, they may be punished for weeks… Meaning they will not receive any hot meals or they might be even forced to sleep on the couch. (Personally, I don’t understand what’s wrong with sleeping on the couch.) So, the human males are very agitated today trying to find at least some passed flowers or chocolate, which is a very difficult task to accomplish as all the other males are running around for the same. The supermarkets are looking today exactly like a hunting ground!

This is one of this days when they tend to forget about us: the human males are hunting for gifts, while the human females are getting ready to receive them. And this means a lot of preparation: waxing, hair dressing, SPA, choosing the best dress possible.  Our advice is to ignore them – it will pass and things will go back to normal tomorrow morning. Especially you, Guinea Pigs females, should ignore the ritual of the human females… We prefer dating you just because you don’t take hours of preparations and you do not need candies to let us in your hammock!

I should put an end to my tale from today because my human female might see this and she might send me to sleep on the couch with the human male. You never know when she has one of her moments “I want to be the boss!” and we have to tolerate this for her own sanity! Also, it is a sunny day in Belgium, which is kind of a rare thing, and I would like to sleep and enjoy it.

So, we wish you all Guinea Pigs females in the world a happy, sunny day with a lot of fresh vegies and cuddles from humans. And we wish the same to all human females (vegies are good for you too!). Please accept a virtual dandelion flower from us.


(This is a picture from last summer, and Spock couldn’t be convinced to stay still for 30 seconds to show up in it also…)


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