A philosophical approach over our personalities

Humans in general have the impression that we, the Guinea Pigs, are all the same and our personalities are linear. Nothing more far away from the truth! After one year of sharing the house with Spock and some humans, I can have a very professional and philosophical approach over this subject and, as I have some time and space to express it, I’ll share it with you. Maybe you can convince your humans to read it and understand we are not all the same…

First of all, I must tell you that we were named after the Spock and the Kirk from Star Trek. Very original! If you would allow me this little tiny sarcasm… Our human female struggled a lot to come up with nice names for her two presents (masters, to be correct!), but she could only be this original. Of course, we were forced to watch the Star Trek 2009 several times just to see where our names are coming from. The funny part is that she got them all wrong. I mean I’m more a Spock and our Spock is more of a Kirk. I know: you lost me! I lost my self also…

When we were little, but I mean really little, I was more curious and Spock shyer. But, after he bit me (a complete different story to be told in the future), and with the age I choose to be the thinker, the more analytical one. I took this path also because my big butt doesn’t give me too much of a choice: it’s easier to sit on it all day long and pretend to think about something clever.

And the white pig sleeping close to me in this moment is definitely the daring one! He dares to check every corner of the house, including in the bathroom under the sink, and to chew even the most expensive headsets. After that he looks the humans in the eyes and he gets away with everything. Totally like the Kirk from the Star Trek.

But my furry Spock got his name because of his red eyes, considered by our human female very similar to the pointy ears of the Star Trek Spock. And I got to be Kirk because I have some brown fur and she considered I looked more like that character… (I told you before that our main human is not quite normal!)

What I actually want to say is that we are very different: I prefer to eat and chill, Spock prefers to run around and check the couch. I pee a lot, although I’m not drinking much water; he consumes water regularly, but pees less than I do. (Too much details, isn’t it?! :D) I like to be cuddled and I can stay still for 20 minutes on the chest of my main human just to prevent her from doing anything else, he is not able to sit still outside his cage for more than 1 minute. I think you’ve got the point!

By the way, this is how I look like when I’m thinking to something philosophical:



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