Sleeping positions for an active pig

I’ve noticed Kirk talked a lot about my personality yesterday… Like he doesn’t know I’m reading this blog also! And not all is true – I stay very still when I’m sleeping.

Also, I would like to add that I like being cuddled, but respecting my own terms, not the ones imposed by humans. Meaning that I really enjoy being caressed, but only if I am in my apartment. So they need to strech and fold in very weird positions to be able to touch me and get from my part the lovely piggish sounds. My terms apply also to other activities, like getting out on the couch… If I want to go and chew something, I do it when no human is using that object. But if they are around and try to catch me on the couch, I’m very tenacious and find an impossible way to pass over them and go back to my penthouse. Resiliant may also describe me.

And I need to say something about Kirk too: he loves spending 20 minutes lying on the chest and neck (yeah, weird preferences!) of our human female. He is not moving, just making cute little noises. I could not stay still for so long! And this gets us back to our subject…

Actually, I get so tired after running around on the couch and running from humans (whenever I go out on the couch, they feel the need to try grabbing me and kissing me and hugging me!) that I go back to my apartment and fell asleep at once. And I don’t even remember how I ended up sleeping in some positions… It’s a tough life being a pig!

But then I wake up and find the hay and life is active once again. Until I realize the human female documented all my moves and took a lot of pictures with me in some very awkward positions… Than my life turns in to a struggle to get to those photos and delete them. Of course, after a hypnosis session to try to remember what else I’ve been doing.

But, since the pictures are here, I might even share them myself and make sure she gains nothing on my behalf. I suspect she may try to sell them to some life styles magazines for the Guinea Pigs. (I saw her searching the contact details for Cosmopiglitan…)

So, watch and learn!


(I almost felt few times, but let’s keep the secret!)guinea_pigs_tales_spock_rolling

(Don’t trust everything you see: I sometimes act looking wretched, so that the humans come and comfort me. It gives them a purpose in life…)

Stay tuned! Tomorrow we will explain you how we supervise our human “building up” our weekly menu. 😀


2 thoughts on “Sleeping positions for an active pig

  1. Spock, you are an absolute gem. Your photos are precious! I wish
    I could reach out and hug ya. Hugs and kisses from California!!!!!

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