Spock about food and about the gourmand Kirk

Yesterday Kirk explained you about our menu and how we trained the human to serve well our needs. (I hope she hadn’t forgotten to buy fresh vegies today.) He explained pretty nice how and what we should eat, but I think she failed in admitting how gourmand he really is. 😀

Before talking about Kirk, I should make one thing clear: I also love food. It’s just that I don’t have the time to eat it all as I’m always on the run. I like to keep my body super fit because it’s easier to escape from humans’ hands. At some point the human male was calling me a zucchini because in his opinion I resemble one. Honestly, I don’t see the resemblance (except the hard muscular fibers) and I also ask myself if he is color blind: as far as I know a zucchini is green and I’m completely white. And a zucchini has no red eyes… By the way, if I’m a zucchini, Kirk is an eggplant. Of course, the larger part of the plant is his back side. 😀

Coming back to my culinary preferences, if I would have the choice, I would pick cereals bars over vegies. But, from empathy to Kirk and his big butt, I had to give them up: he was gaining weight from it and he had to stop taking them, so I thought of being supportive. I remember there was a time when he used to help himself from my bar. Thanks all gods I have some evidence… If not one may think I’m talking nonsense.


In line after the cereals, my favorite thing to eat is the hay. Of course I drag it all on the floor and try to sleep on it, but there is nothing funnier than digging for the best blade of dried grass. I really enjoy this. It also helps stretching the muscles.


Just that sometimes I don’t remember where I put the best piece. And Kirk keeps making fun of me that it’s right on top of my nose… I looked several times, but there was nothing!


OK, not very inspirational post today, but I’m already dreaming of the week-end…


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