How to embarrass your human

The other day I was enjoying a cuddling session in the bedroom with the human female. The human male was playing backgammons on the Internet and I can’t stand the noise of the dice. It remembers me of something , but I don’t know exactly of what… Maybe I should pay a visit to the shrink because that noise makes me purr in a very annoyed way.

So, I was in the bedroom, on her chest, making a very awkward brrrr and wheeking for pleasure from time to time. I know, it’s a weird combination, but I’m a philosopher and I’m allowed to do it. 😀 While she was giving me her full attention, her phone rang. She picked up and it was a guy asking for some professional advice. They went on with their conversation, she went on with cuddling me, the human male kept rolling dices and I did my best to brrrr and wheek. And I was very close to the phone’s microphone…

At some point the human female realized her conversation partner heard every bit of noise I was making. She apologized and explained my presence in the room, but the other guy didn’t seem very convinced. And I’m pretty sure he wasn’t, because he never called back. But my human doesn’t seem very upset… How could she be when I look so beautiful?!



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