Yesterday it was a very busy day for our human male: two parcels arrived during the morning and in the afternoon he went out and came back with some large sheets of some kind of plastic. I had no idea what are they planning, but I told myself that we (I and Kirk) will definitely find out at some point.

The human female arrived as scheduled, around 18:15, this Monday being one of those days when she had nothing else planned after work. I saw her and I immediately started to wonder what’s for dinner. Kirk was not only wondering, but he put up his show also, running around and wheeking very loud. He begged all day the human male to give him pellets and now he was asking for vegies.

But… She did a very outrageous thing: she took some fennel leftovers from me (I never finish my vegetables) and gave it to Kirk and then, completly ignoring us, started working on some kind of a puzzle. She took out from one box some wire panels and build fences and after that made a box from a plastic sheet and tried to put it inside the fence. Anyway, she spent two hours doing this and I was annoyed. And Kirk became very noisy. Only after she finished the whole construction and put it in the bedroom, she came back to us, did the cleaning and fed us.

During the night, after a hacking session into her computer, we found out what happened: she built a new house for the other two piggies. Apparently is only one room of the penthouse to be, especially designed for us. I really hope she will pay more attention to details for the next rooms…

guine_pigs_tales_1st_roomI hope I’ll get a bigger room because I don’t think a 75 x 75 cm is enough space for an active piggy like me. And I already found a solution on how to climb the fence. 😀

LE: Data looks almost exactely like me… I wonder if he is as crazy as I am.


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