Spock about Worf and Data

My turn today! Sorry for yesterday, but I was very tired after supervising the works and coordinating with Kirk the moving in. I mean it’s not an easy job to make sure all the wire panels are well connected and that we have the required facilities for hay and water. Also interior design takes time…

Anyway, back to our subject: my opinion about Worf and Data, now that we finally met. First of all, I must say I never asked for new companions, but now that they are here we need to integrate them in the gang. So I decided not to fight them in any way, although Data tried to get me and even chattered his teeth to make me understand he’s the boss. Young boars! We should let them think well about themselves. Been there, done that… I never thought I would see a crazier pig than I. But definitely Data is! Maybe it’s because of his recently discovered otitis, or maybe because he lived for months in a pet shop with some rabbits, but this is for Kirk to figure it out… I wonder if he will ever manage to stay still and write at least 100 words for this blog.

Worf is another story. He developed a fungus caused by stress. I suppose it’s because he is an introverted pig and keeps all his thought inside. He also seems very curious and not afraid to ask for pellets and even eat them from the humans’ hands. I like his white back and I was even thinking to propose them a picture with our three white backs as a foreground. Although he looks thinner than Data, he really is heavier. But his shape is the one of a small zucchini, like mine.

Now we are living all together and I’m trying to make an example for Data, from one white piggy to another.  I think I’ll let Worf for Kirk because they seem to tolerate each other. But with Data won’t be an easy job… As I write, he is noisily chewing the coroplast. I should explain him that even if he chews it all, there are still few wire panels between us. Oh, my! I need to go and stop him! But not before showing you a photo with him trying to get in to my old cage…



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