A sort of a guest post

As I was saying earlier this week, we were planning to check if Worf and Data can produce something intelligent for this blog and if they can actually know how to use a laptop. Finally, we’ve managed to do this yesterday evening. To be more specific, I was supervising from the top of my wood house and Spock was showing an incredible amount of patience towards them. But he managed to have some words from them… I will not proof reading their productions because I believe that for the first time you should all have the chance make an opinion.

Let’s start with Worf, who was eager, but also scared to give it a try.

“I am writing on a blog! Oh my! And I can write about anything according to Kirk and Spock… Maybe I should tell you about the tunnel, or better about the blanket, or… Oh, I have so many things to write about! I hope I’ll get the chance to share them all. But for the moment I just want to say that Data is always taking the food from my mouth, that I am the obedient one and that I have a fungus caused by stress and I’m getting treatment for it, although I don’t like the procedure. I also discovered I can wheek loudly and convince the humans to give me pellets. They are my favourite!

“Regarding the stress, who wouldn’t be in the same conditions? I mean I was subject to Data’s domination in a very small cage in the pet shop, then we’ve changed the residence and we were first introduced to vegies (I love fennel!), then we were moved in a bigger place and now even in a bigger one… And we’ve met two others of our kind. Stressful life. But I hope we are settled for the time being. I just want to be able to popcorn as much as I want. Now I’m going back to sleep.”

And, the hard part, Data… Please excuse the style.

“Blog?! What’s that? Who has the time? … I want to chew all the coroplast! All! And get to Spock and even Kirk. I’m on the run… I’m jumping on the keyboard… ajkhgkugfyuzirhleihflziugha Worf, what are you eating there? I want it! By the way, I have otitis and I was to the vet. I don’t like that guy: I was very scared in there… I want to kick some rabbit back! Why don’t we have any rabbit so I could bite his ears? I got to go to steal Worf’s food.”

Tough decision: should we or should we not let them participating in this blog?



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