An epilepsy seizure

Yesterday I had a very nasty episode…  And I had no idea it was about to happen, so it took me totally unprepared. I just had my dinner (carrots’ greens and some lettuce) and I was watching the human male getting ready for work. Outside it was raining with thunders and lightning, but inside The Mother Ship everything was fine.

Suddenly I lost control over my body. My nerves were not helping me anymore to control my muscles and I was moving kind of chaotic, if I managed to move at all. I got really scared and tried to hide in the wood house, but my body was almost useless. My head was moving spasmodically and my eyes were rolling so fast I couldn’t check the surroundings. I looked like I was on drugs…

The human female thought in the beginning that there is a bug either on me, either in the cage. When she removed the wood house to check she realized something was wrong with me and took me out from my room. On the couch things were no better and I ended up in her lap, on a blanket. All I could do was to try to keep calm (very difficult for me) and hope for the best.

As I had no idea what was wrong with me, I allowed the humans to give me some charcoal and vitamin C to prevent some potential side effects of an accidental poisoning. But my body kept doing funny moves, so the human female rang a vet emergency cabinet. She quickly checked if they had the expertise, but it turned out they had no idea about piggies. Then she called our vet and luckily he was on call and already at the clinic for another emergency. The human servant packet me fast in a blanket (I refused to go in to the small box) and we took a taxi and there we were.

On our way the taxi driver kept explaining my human how he lost his 14 years old cat, but I’m pretty sure he had no idea what a Guinea Pig is. When we arrived at the vet, there was already somebody inside. And this somebody came out crying and with no animal… My human was already scared than me.

In the meanwhile my eyes stopped rolling and I realized where I was. I’ve been there twice before and for once I had an injection, so it was time to re-become active and convince them everything was fine. The vet was not impressed with my performance. He insisted on giving me another injection and explained to my already freaking out human that it was a seizure of epilepsy and it might not occur ever again. I hope so… I definitely need to take revenge on that vet!

The funny part was while waiting outside for our taxi: she put me and the blanket on a window sill to protect me from the rain and to give me a sense of stability. As soon as I sensed solid ground under my paws I wanted to run away and explore. So I kept her busy for five minutes… And when we got home I immediately went to check if there was still some hay left.

Look, this is the proof that I’m still alive:


The photo was taken 10 minutes after we arrived home and I couldn’t convince Data to step away from the frame. By the way, tomorrow I’ll let Worf to tell you how you can make fun of your humans. 😀

P.S. I heard the human saying to the vet that she refused to transport me in the box because she thought that if the worst will happen, I should be in her arms, not scared in plastic box. I just like to tell her to have a little faith: I’m the crazy Spock and I’m just 14 months old! I’m planning to stick around for a while, especially now that we have new piggies in the gang and a brand new Mother Ship!


2 thoughts on “An epilepsy seizure

  1. (The human here.)
    Lydia, he seemed confused, but I think I turned white. And my husband got scared when he saw my face. But now we know how it looks like and what it is, so if ever occurs again, there would be no reason to freak out. 🙂

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