The ugly duck

They convinced me to try to stay still and write something on this blog… And I must begin by saying it is very difficult for me to do this. I move less only when I sleep, and now I am not sleeping so I don’t get the point of staying still. I understood Spock was the same, but lately he seems to have calmed down. But it’s not about staying still I want to talk today. It is about how ugly I am…

First of all, I am a white piggy with red eyes. A lot of humans find me creepy (I also find them strange) so I spent four months in the pet shop seeing other piggies come and go and sometimes sharing the cage with bunnies. I suspect they put them in in an attempt to get rid of me… Then our human male came, felt in love with Worf and took me also home.

After a while, they discovered I have otitis and a treatment began. They were pouring some sort of oily cream twice per day in my ears. By the way, I have no pigment on my skin, so my ears are pink, transparent in light and you can notice the blood vessels. All that cream made them even more transparent (I still have them!) and drained in to my ears, but also on my fur. So no I look like I was plucked.

I saw myself in the mirror the other day and I realized I was ugly. I start sobbing and the human female needed to calm me down. OK, I am not really that ugly, but just not very attractive for the moment. And all the other piggies in the herd have something sweet… Kirk has a big, fluffy butt, Spock looks like a baby polar bear and Worf has all that nice color combination. I’m afraid if I don’t show a beautiful side, they will put me again in the pet shop.


So, I came up with a plan. First, a healthy diet: only fresh vegetables to make my fur look better. Second, my treatment ended on Thursday, so no new cream on my fur. Of course, no more otitis also. And last, but not least, a lot of love from my humans and my buddies. (Spock seems fine with the idea of loving me. Kirk tries hard to show who the boss is, but I know he loves me too.)

I realized there is still hope when I saw my picture from the header of this blog.

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileSo, long story short: the plan is to turn in to a Guinea Pig swam.


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