The books we read

guinea_pigs_tales_worf_profileWorf here…

Yesterday Kirk promised that today we will talk about books. This topic is so general and he was so busy eating that this morning we realized none of us wrote anything for the blog. After a small chit chat at the corners of our rooms (the only point where we can all meet), it was decided that I would write. Actually Kirk and Spock delegated me to say something about an article published by the human female on her blog.

So, she was challenged to imagine what kind of books we would read. Humans are funny! Very funny… Why?! Because we really read, is not like you should pretend we are doing it. I mean, we write a blog, so of course we read! But our human seems to know us well because she guessed it right for all of us. Let’s talk about our reading preferences…

Kirk is a huge fan of “raw vegan” cook books. He just loves researching new ways of eating the celery greens. But he is not only eating, although it is taking him a lot of time… He is also a very good psychoanalyst with a thorough knowledge of Freud’s and Jung’s writings. I even think he is on his way of developing a brand new psychoanalytical system for humans. We, the Guinea Pigs, have no secrets for him anymore, but he thinks the gang is generally in good mental health (we still have doubts regarding Data…) so no therapy sessions for us.

Spock is a very active pig. His main interest is in invoices and receipts, so bookkeeping is more fun than reading. Still he reads books like “10 ways to keep your fur white”, “5 steps to perfect popcorning”, “14 ways to keep your humans happy” etc. I mean this kind of books that you could drop them at any point and after two days will still make sense Also, lately he is searching for some books regarding the ways to cope with a very scared human because of his epilepsy seizures, just in case it will occur again.

I am reading something more appropriate to my age for the moment and it will still take me a while to finish it. Please don’t laugh, but I am reading Harry Potter. I find it amazing and I hide to be able to read in quietness. Humans think I’m that shy and afraid of them, but I just want to be on my own. OK, me and Harry, but no other humans… Also, it’s a little bit difficult to hide a book that big in my wood house, but challenge accepted! By the way, I have no idea why we can’t find Guinea Pig sized books…

And this gets us to the point of talking about Data… He is actually reading only on the Internet. He is too active, jumping all the time, running around and other crazy stuff for being able to focus on a complex book. So he goes online and checks blogs and videos on YouTube. What to say?! It is definitely better than nothing. Also, he enjoys some magazines, especially the ones in Dutch! (I told you he is a little bit weird.)

Look, this is how I look while hiding for reading Harry Potter:


What kind of books are you reading?


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