50 shapes of… a pancake

guinea_pigs_tales_profile_kirkThe human female joined some groups on Facebook dedicated to Guinea Pigs. The humans brag there about us, their masters, and exchange opinions on ways of keeping us happy. The other day someone expressed her amazement regarding our ability to change shape and turn into a pancake. Of course, a lot of people started to post pictures with Guinea Pigs looking like a pancake. I also have some and I’ll love to share them with you.

But, before giving you a high dose of cuteness, I would like to explain you that pancakes come in different shapes: some of them are perfectly arranged, others are not that uniform… We, the Guinea Pigs, try to imitate the same. So, there are different pancake’s forms and I’ll show you below.

Big butt pancake


Rolled pancakekirk_pancake3

A pancake with chinkirk_pancake4

A rectangular pancakekirk_pancake5

A curved pancakekirk_pancake2

The most careless pancake in the worldkirk_pancake6True, not 50 shapes, but close enough. 😀


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