Fleece time!

guinea_pigs_tales_profile_kirkWe already explained that Data loves to spend a lot of time on the Internet checking Facebook and other easy reading stuff. So we asked him some weeks ago to do some research regarding alternative bedding. We were using sawdust and the humans were a little bit annoyed about the amount of pieces to be found everywhere in the house. And the amount of garbage produced…

So, happy humans means good servants and we dedicated some time to find a solution. To be honest, the humans seemed lost and had no idea what else could be done. Once again we realized they really need us to guide their lives. Also, the human female had 4 days off and we tried to occupy her so to leave us alone to sleep. Whenever she is at home she is so shocked about our cuteness and feels the need to touch us and disturb our pleasant life.

Back to our issue, Data figured out a solution with some fleece and cotton blankets. We kindly hacked the laptop and introduced gradually this idea to the human female. Also, we took off from her computer any other temptation in order to help her save the necessary money. Due to our marvelous plan, on Thursday morning she had 6 fleece blankets and 4 other kind of blankets (the one used when you move) and clear instructions on how to proceed. Of course we supervised everything, but she managed not to ruin the plan.

We were very anxious to check the fleece bedding and to see if we will get along with it or not. The first attempt was made on Thursday around noon and the results were very good. I mean we’d spent some 30 minutes popcorning and jumping around. Spock was that happy that he almost got out on the couch… And Worf took a piece of fleece and cuddled in it. (I won’t publish the photo because there is a lot of poo around him.) Data never stopped popcorning since then.

The not so good part is that our poop is very visible in this way. But the human female remembered how to use a broom and a dust pan. By the way, she first tried to clean with the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes I wonder if she is as smart as she looks… But we manage to take some pictures with two different sets of blankets while there was no poop. OK, just one poop!



Now please excuse me. I have to go pooping and peeing in a fleece…


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