Busy day!

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_decidesOh, my! I had a very busy day although I hadn’t even planned for it. I mean I woke up this morning with the very normal plan of eating, popcorning once or twice, pooping a lot and going back to sleep. But somewhere during the day the human female interfered with all this. It’s weekend and she was at home…

In the morning she sew, so she made quite a noise making almost impossible any deep relaxation and sleep. I was forced to spend two hours watching her preparing some fleece pads for our cages and to find myself something else to do, like munching on hay, pooping, getting in to small conflicts with Data etc. When she stopped and left home to do the groceries (mainly vegies for us), I hopped that was all and went to sleep. I was so tired!

But she came back from the supermarket and decided it’s time to clip our nails. True, it has not been done in weeks, but I still hate this and refuse to cooperate. When I saw Kirk getting through it, I was already decided I would give them a harsh time. I was so stubborn that it took her 10 minutes and a lot of zen attitude to clip the 6 nails from my hind paws. She asked for help from the human male and I was even more infuriated. So, I took advantage of the position and bit his ear. He was so shocked that forget to put me down on his way to the mirror. No worries, I’ve just made a very small hole through his ear, but the ear in itself is still attached to his head and in one piece.

Finally, the human female managed somehow to convince me to stay still for another 8 nails and, as a reward, I got some parsley and the opportunity to take a walk in the living room. This was very nice given the fact that we had guests and I’ve got the chance to interact with them. But not too much because I’ve discovered the camera’s tripod and realized it was not yet marked by my teeth. Also some hay was dumped on the floor and I had to interfere and clean it out.


After one hour of playing the nice host, cleaning and inventorying the house, I felt asleep on a small piece of fleece that I found on a corner. Taking advantage of my sleepiness, she grabbed me and put me back in my room.



But, to my huge surprise, there I found a brand new red fleece! The perfect colour matching my eyes! It was bought by the human male and now I’m pretty sorry I have bitten his ear.


Finally, I got the chance to use the laptop and I wrote this. So I am very very tired. And I am also very impatient to sleep on the red fleece because I think it must be different from sleeping on the green one.

Yeah, now I’ll go back to my regular Saturday evening. Have a nice week-end!



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