Somebody said Actimel?!

guinea_pigs_tales_worf_profileThis Data! He is such a friend! I’ll eat his ears next time he slips them between the bars of the fence… Why?! Because yesterday he made public my addiction to Actimel! It wasn’t enough the humans recorded me and posted the video on the Internet, he to tell to our readers also. And now I feel obliged to explain myself.

Remember when I said the human female freaked out I lost some weight? Well, apparently, my poop is also a little bit loose, so she assessed the situation and considered is not that bad to go to a vet, but an immediate action was required. And some probiotics seemed to be the best solution at the first glance. As Spock got fine with Actimel, she decided to try it on me also.

First time she approached me with a 1 ml syringe filled with some whitish liquid I refused to obey and to consume it. She kind of had to force me… Second time I remembered what was all about and decided to cooperate. Starting the third time it became addiction! Honestly, when I see the syringe in her hand I forget I’m the most scared piggy in the world and just come out from where I’m hiding and eat it all. I always ask for more, but never get… Tugging the syringe doesn’t help!

So, I am addicted and have no idea what I’ll do if I won’t be given Actimel anymore. I think I need therapy… I’m going to wake Kirk and talk about it.

Actimel is a probiotic but also a yogurt and Guinea Pigs shouldn’t be fed yogurt. That’s why “the treatment” is limited to 1ml of Actimel twice per day. And this should not last longer than few days. If the digestive problems are serious (e.g. diarrhoea) or persist, check with your vet asap!


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