Lost battle

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileFirst of all, we are sorry for our absence. But… We were very busy campaigning, planning and executing in order to help Kirk winning the contest launched by Kevin the Cavy.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, Kirk is some 120 votes behind the Guinea Pig on the first place. We suspect that piggy taking over his human Facebook account and hacking all the friends’ accounts to get votes. Of course, maybe he is more fortunate and his human has a lot of Facebook friends, not like ours that have only four hundred something (the female) and one hundred (the male).

Anyway, we were really creative and all working for the same purpose, including the human female. She gave us access to her Facebook account and her own blog and we could spam all her “friends” with requests for votes. Some of other Romanian bloggers and friends even helped us and shared our message.

Worf was in charge of supervising the contest album and the number of votes. He had spent so many days staring at that screen that he almost turned into a mole. Not that it would have been very difficult as he is already black and brown…


Spock was in charge of the campaign flyers and he managed to do a good job. He even abstained himself from chewing the posters.


Of course I was in charge of planning and organizing everything, so I’ve spent several days buried in papers and analyzing names, sending messages and fighting for our cause.


Kirk had only one thing to do: stay in shape. And he seems to be very good at it.


So, we admit we have no means to overlap the difference of votes. But we are very thankful for the almost 300 votes we already got. Our Facebook page has only 83 followers, so we never expected so many votes. Anyway, if you still want to help and vote, you can do it following this link.

I’m going to be sad in my corner…


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