The perfect spot

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileOur humans have an issue with redecorating. No, they don’t move every day the couches, but they move the small things that lay on the floor, like boxes, bags, shoes, bottles. To be honest, I don’t really understand this passion of them, but I let them with their craziness. I am too busy eating, pooping, sleeping and playing to be very concerned with the way they chose to waste their lives…

But, sometimes, their chaotic way of arranging things is giving impressive results from our point of view. For example, our rooms on some small coffee tables and a lot of small stuff under them create the perfect spot for Worf or Data to hide when the bipeds chase them. Or a pile of clothes on the bedroom floor makes the perfect spot to dig in and poop on the way to the bottom. At least this is what Kirk says…

Or the printer placed on the floor with the paper tray loos gives me the chance to check on the paper and adjust the margins in an artistic way. Her freshly cleaned slippers abandoned under the couch are the perfect spot to drag all the dust we can find in the house and store it. A forgotten piece of fleece under the bookshelf is a nice place to pee until some human realize there is something rotten in… Brussels.

But what they did on Saturday was by far the best chaos possible. Somehow our hay box ended close to one of our transport boxes, creating angles with the bookshelf on the same time. A piece of fleece was on the floor and a paper bag ended up on top of the space created this way, supported also by the camera’s tripod. Yeah, it’s hard to describe, but I’ll show pictures in the end. So, all this arrangement plus the hay spread on the floor was the perfect playground for me. I’ve spent 20 minutes bumping my head against the paper bag and producing noises. Awesome times!

Before showing you the photos, I must warn you that humans should look at them only with your supervision: the mess may cause them a panic attack! So you should be around to calm them down…

A detailed picture of the mess…


That perfect spot…


Of course, after all that effort, I slept like a guinea pig that I am!



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