The great adventure

guinea_pigs_tales_worf_profileFriday we’d been in the city by tram! Imagine this!

I was so scared all the time… But I’m always scared when I see humans because I have the impression they are going to eat me. Honestly now, they are so big. I understand we need servants as a ruling species that we are, but I would prefer something smaller like a cat or a dog.

Back, to our tram trip, we had to go to the vet. Again! This time to another vet, a lady that is close to the city centre. Our humans thought our usual vet was not doing a great job and decided to have a second opinion. And our official transporter (Kirk’s godfather) was working and couldn’t help us… So we had to take the tram, like all the common humans. Degrading!

Anyhow, from the moment the human male put me in my transport box, I froze.  At some point, after settling in the tram, I relaxed a little and chewed some hay. The human female joined us also at some point and, after commuting to another tram and 5 minutes’ walk, we arrived at the clinic.

The lady at the front desk asked a lot of questions! I was even surprised she had not asked about the shoe size of the humans… She was even decided to weight us, but our servants were prepared and delivered our weight exactly. We had to wait for 10 minutes and to endure a lot of cat and dog smell, but the human vet proved to be nice.

She started with Data, while I was chewing hay on her desk. Literally. In my transport box, of course. I heard him wheeking, but I said to myself he should be fine. After all, he is a big boy of over one kilo. The lady vet checked his ears and the crust on them and noticed immediately that there was something strange in his fur in the butt area. The human supposed it was from the wood house, but she said it was lice. She even took some fur from him and provoked his shout. 😀 This explains his dry skin on the ears and his rare small cries.

When my turn came, I decided to run. I was so scared! There was a human that I had never seen before… She checked me all over and noticed I had lice also. And agreed I may have ringworm, so she gave her opinion over the treatment and added something to protect my liver.

Going back home was another adventure! But not before the human paid a large amount of money for lice treatment for four piggies (Spock & Kirk have to take it also). We’ve got the chance to stay in the grass while waiting the tram. True, in our transport boxes, but still it was grass! A lot of people came to see what we were and asked about us. I felt like a little star. Frightened, but a VIP!

We’ve got our first round of treatment on Saturday, but I think one of the others will tell you about it. I must go now and check on the humans because they feel very stupid for they believed for two months that our lice were wood debris…

By the way, this is me after the treatment, being scared of humans and trying to run away no matter where.



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