Me and my lice

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileWorf already informed you about our issue with some lice. The funny part in all this was the humans, like always. I mean they are so agitated sometimes that I get tired only watching them.

When they heard we had lice, they decided to clean the whole house just to make sure no insect was left alive on the floors or other spots where we could go and pick them again. So, on Saturday afternoon we had to take our siesta in some vacuum cleaner noises. And we were forced to spend some time in the house while our rooms were thoroughly cleaned… The humans turned everything upside down and I even saw the human male handling the vacuum cleaner, which is something very unusual.

When the cages were cleaned, we’ve got our dose of Stronghold and I felt my lice running around very confused. I’ve kinda felt sorry for them. I mean we were building a strong relationship there, where they were feeding on my blood and I was tolerating them… And as they were trying to get away from the medicine, they went to my butt and I ended up with an almost black belt surrounding my…manhood. After some agony, a lot of them died. Sad, I know! But I must admit my ears feel better and I stopped being bothered with some itchy episodes.

As I don’t have any photos with me and my lice (the human female did a crappy job…), I will show you how awesome I was looking while enjoying some hay in a paper bag. 😀

data_bagP.S. The most joyful part was to see Kirk and Spock benefiting from the same treatment. After all, why should we suffer alone?!



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