Piggy on diet

I think it’s already clear for everyone that I’m the photogenic one in The Gang. My fur colour matches very well my eyes and looks good on any fleece / bedding pattern. So I always look good in pictures…

Just look at these amazing photos! I am awesome even behind some grids.


But after this morning weight control session the human female decided I should be on diet. Just because my weight got above 1.40 kilo! I really don’t get it: I am a healthy piggy and she saw that even when I passed 1.35 kilo nothing bad happened. So, I really don’t get her concerns. I love to eat and vegies & pellets are the most amazing things in the world…

Now I’m thinking of ways to put pressure on her and change her decision of limiting my pellets to two spoons per day instead of four. This is no life for an icon piggy! First she took out the cereals from my diet, now she reduced the pellets. I wonder what’s next?! Chasing me around the house and make me exercise?! I will stop posing for her and I should take back my permission to use the photos all over Internet!

Please excuse me, but I’m going in to my wood house to plot against humans.


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