Human insolence

guinea_pigs_tales_worf_profile What happened yesterday is unbelievable! We were fed late. OK, this is not really an issue as we all have some fat reserves under the skin, but the most outrages is that the human male left the house without checking if we had at least some hay. But let me tell you the full story…

The human male left home around 17:30 without feeding us because the human female gave no instructions. And, pretending to be tired from working night shifts, he also forgot to check our hay reserve thinking that 2 or 3 pellets fed to please us during the day would be enough.

In theory, the human female should have come home around 18:30, change the diapers in our rooms and fed us. We are never fed if our rooms are not cleaned, which is a good habit, but maybe some adaptations will do no harm. So we kept quiet waiting for her. Just that at about 19:00 she was not yet arrived…

First we thought it’s a bad joke and somebody will show up soon to feed us. But no… So, we’ve tried to keep busy. Kirk moved his wood house from the corner of his room right in the middle, I’ve did the same with my cereals bowl and, as a bonus, I allowed myself to chew the diaper from my room’s floor. Data was just running around in his room searching for hay. He even tried on the Internet, but no success. But Spock’s behaviour was the most frightening: he was completely calm. He stood still and almost not moving.

Finally, the human female arrived around 21:15 and instantly noticed that we were in need. You can’t imagine how fast she changed closed, peed, washed her hands and got ready for her duties! In less than 30 minutes our rooms were cleaned and we were fed. But the humans shall pay for this atrocity.

What scares me most is that the human female will leave for 9 days and we will be left alone with the human male… What if he forgets feeding us?! We should have never agreed with the human female having a vacation! The good news is that she will be back and he will leave and we will get the chance to spend 10 days only with her and she can be easily manipulated.

In the end, this is what I feel about their behaviour from yesterday evening:



2 thoughts on “Human insolence

  1. Oh noes! Piggies NEED to have hay 24/7. Also fat reserves or not, they need to have food every 12 hours at least to prevent gut stasis. It does sound like your female hooman really cares about you though.

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