We are famous!

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileOh, my! Yesterday our Facebook page exploded with likes. I could not believe my eyes when I saw how the number of our followers was rising. Of course it’s due to my incredible social media skills because there is no other logical explanation.

Now that we have almost 500 followers we need to create content and that it’s mainly up to the other three. By the way, at first they thought it was a bad joke when I told them about the increasing traffic from our page. And I need to come up with some plan… But first I need to clear my fur of lice. And I must find space for an office because I should stop using my room. I almost can’t find the hay behind all the papers and plans.

Maybe I could use the other couch more often. There is plenty of space there to put all my papers around and the laptop.


Anyway, we thank you all, even though not all of you are reading this blog. And that includes The Guinea Gazette.

And, by the way, although Kirk is the most famous (he won some prizes and is the image of a Romanian blog for educating humans in regards to Guinea Pigs), Worf decided to ask for a car… I really feel I am the one that should be rewarded for all this work behind the scene. Spock already rules the world, so doesn’t really need something more.


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