Spock's tales

The perfect spot

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileOur humans have an issue with redecorating. No, they don’t move every day the couches, but they move the small things that lay on the floor, like boxes, bags, shoes, bottles. To be honest, I don’t really understand this passion of them, but I let them with their craziness. I am too busy eating, pooping, sleeping and playing to be very concerned with the way they chose to waste their lives…

But, sometimes, their chaotic way of arranging things is giving impressive results from our point of view. For example, our rooms on some small coffee tables and a lot of small stuff under them create the perfect spot for Worf or Data to hide when the bipeds chase them. Or a pile of clothes on the bedroom floor makes the perfect spot to dig in and poop on the way to the bottom. At least this is what Kirk says…

Or the printer placed on the floor with the paper tray loos gives me the chance to check on the paper and adjust the margins in an artistic way. Her freshly cleaned slippers abandoned under the couch are the perfect spot to drag all the dust we can find in the house and store it. A forgotten piece of fleece under the bookshelf is a nice place to pee until some human realize there is something rotten in… Brussels.

But what they did on Saturday was by far the best chaos possible. Somehow our hay box ended close to one of our transport boxes, creating angles with the bookshelf on the same time. A piece of fleece was on the floor and a paper bag ended up on top of the space created this way, supported also by the camera’s tripod. Yeah, it’s hard to describe, but I’ll show pictures in the end. So, all this arrangement plus the hay spread on the floor was the perfect playground for me. I’ve spent 20 minutes bumping my head against the paper bag and producing noises. Awesome times!

Before showing you the photos, I must warn you that humans should look at them only with your supervision: the mess may cause them a panic attack! So you should be around to calm them down…

A detailed picture of the mess…


That perfect spot…


Of course, after all that effort, I slept like a guinea pig that I am!


Kirk's tales

Begging for pellets

guinea_pigs_tales_profile_kirkI just love the unripen minds of young guinea pigs! Take Worf for example: I have the chance to teach him a lot of nice amazing stuff that make our humans smile and give us treats. And the most successful trick I thought him was begging for pellets.

Begging in two is more rewarding than begging alone. I realized this only when new piggies joined the gang and, being a clever piggy, I’ve decided to take advantage of the humans’ weaknesses and teach Worf how to join me. Two manipulative minds have a stronger effect over humans and the success is guaranteed…

So, first step was to induce Worf the idea pellets are awesome. This was not difficult at all… He is gourmand and loves pellets. He is not very fond of cereals, but dry vegies and fibres are his favourites. Then I had to teach him to climb the fence and put a begging face. Also not a difficult task. His head markers are very helpful: some brown around the eyes and some white & brown in his chin fur, so he always looks astonished and/or tormented. That kind of a face that makes humans to think he is in need. As you can see, with Worf was pretty easy. Even regarding the best moment for begging, he got it fast and followed my lead.

The difficult part was actually to train the humans. Here the human male proved to be more manipulable. I’ve started by climbing the fence with a very special mimic every time he approached the cages from the opposite side. First he just thought I was cute and rubbed my chin. Then he felt the need of giving me a treat… In few days he got the move and gave us pellets every time we asked for. 😀

Just look at this photo! How can a human resist our cuteness? (Sorry, not very good quality, bat we need to play our part and it’s difficult to be photogenic on the same time.)


Data's tales

I’m a big boy!

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileWorf seems to be taken over this blog with his stories about poop, Spock spoke only about beauty contests, and Kirk resumed his beauty sleep, but all of them failed to mention the most important event of the week-end. I mean we were all expecting Kirk to have a prize in that contest, so that was not really a surprise…

But me getting over one kilo is something and should be celebrated. If you don’t believe me, check the picture.


So, I am an eight months old Guinea Pig weighting over one kilo. 😀

Now I’m going back to my vegies and hay because my intention is to get at Kirk’s weight. By the way, maybe I’ll convince Kirk to tell you why it is so important to keep track of your weight.

Wof's tales

The vet strikes again

guinea_pigs_tales_worf_profileThey took me to the vet again! And not only me, but my poop also. Definitely our humans have no limits regarding the ways they can embarrass me… Again, the human male was the one taking me, but the human female was the one orchestrating everything, so I swear I’ll stop talking with her for a while.

So, around 15:00h the human male searched among my poop and picked two or three. That was weird… After 20 minutes, he came back, woke me up and put me in the transport box. The vet is not far and the human chose to walk. Have you ever been in a small plastic box hanging in the hand of a human servant while cars were passing by? Not fun at all!

When we arrived in the waiting room, the human remembered I am little and skittish and opened my box and petted me a little. I got some courage and got up on the box to look around. There was a bird with a broken finger… And then a big dog arrived and I thought it would be better to hide, so I went back in the box.

Around 16:00h I got in to the doctor’s cabinet. Seeing him for the second time in two months was for sure not a pleasure! And this feeling got worst when he started his routine. This time he really paid attention to my humans’ demands and checked everything: nose, ears, teeth, butt… But the worst part was when he started palpating me to check my internal organs. Man, don’t you see how small I am?! And haven’t you noticed the huge hands you have?! I was weeking from the bottom of my lungs.

That was not all! He took my poop (My poop!!!) and started to analyse it. I was so ashamed! I think I even blushed, but thanks to all gods that I have black fur and no one noticed. I could have told him from the beginning that I have nothing weird in my poop, it’s lose because I do not like chewing hay. Human, have you heard me?! I do not like hay! I want fresh grass! (I still need to develop my manipulative skills…)

The verdict was clear: nothing in my poop, just some stubbornness. And a fungus on my skin that requires treatment, but nothing very bad. So now I’m back to sucking things from a syringe. And, as you can see, I am upset!


Data's tales

A loooong week-end

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileThe human female spent four days at home! Four! And this gave her a lot of time to stress us too…

First, she was over stressed because of the contest in which Kirk was participating. We tried to tell her to keep it calm and that we were dealing with everything, but no! We were not even able to check regularly the contest album because she was holding hostage the laptop. Finally, on Saturday evening when the results should have been published, she went to sleep half an hour before. Of course she had a rough night not knowing for sure if Kirk was still on the third place. But I refused to wake her up and inform her…

Things being settled with Kirk, she put Data in a beauty contest also. Without asking us! Not that we have something against it, but we should have known in order to prepare a nice campaign.  Anyway, Data is competing against a Mademoiselle, which is not e very gentleman way to do things, but we leave in a jungle! So, now she stress over this also…

I think all this stress hit Worf because his fungus is back! He is a very sensitive stubborn piggy… The human female analysed him and she is almost betting he has ringworm, which means treatment for all of us and I really do not enjoy this. Plus, he doesn’t want to eat hay so his poop is still lose so the human had to go out and pick fresh grass from the little garden that is in front of our building. I just hope the old neighbour downstairs won’t call the police.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell what she has done to me… She grabbed me and got me in to the bathroom where she placed me in the sink in a towel and scrubbed my butt. She wanted to clean my grease gland and the fur around it, but I fought so fiercely that she only did half of the job.

I couldn’t find the cable (strange, I don’t remember chewing on it) to download some nice pictures with us from the week-end, so no amazing photos today… But I promise we will have a special post only with photos this week.