Lovable me

(Me meaning Spock, just not to create confusions. :P)

Well, Kirk is competing again trying hard to get his lips into a calendar at the end of this year. We hope he will win, so he will feel better and resume his happy life.

Me, myself and I are passing our days like usual: sleeping in the wood house all day long to protect our beautiful and sensitive red eyes from the daylight, getting out in the evening and asking the human to scratch our head, but keeping her away from any cuddles and other emotional manifestations.

The only big interruption was on Saturday when she cleaned again! everything in our cages. (The Friday bath was an event, but I’ll let Data to tell you about it. :D) Like always, she put first Worf and Data in the house and I’d became very curious about what was going on. So, I’ve put my pretty face on and got out at the fence to make inquiries. The human found me very cute (I am handsome, woman!) and took a lot of pictures of me. I must admit she managed to capture also the sweet side of me, not only the larky one.

spock 2spock1So, am I lovable or what?!




I am not a happy piggy…

guinea_pigs_tales_profile_kirkGuinea Pigs do have feelings. And this is a serious post about some signs of depression I have. Feel free to pass it to those who believe a Guinea Pig it’s just a fluffy living toy, but not smart enough to have feelings.

I feel like something is not quite right with me for several months now, but I thought it will pass if I’ll throw myself in contests and a glamourous life. But it hadn’t. And lately is turning worst, so I feel I should speak about it and maybe help other Guinea Pigs.

I used to be a happy boy. Not quite the “popcorning all the time” style, but once per day I would have run all over the place being happy and showing to my humans how funny I can be. I have a big butt, so popcorns were possible from time to time and just at a low high.  But since March 2014 my life changed drastically: two new boys joined us and The Gang was formed. If before I was the only one to get cuddled in the evenings (Spock is not really the type), now my human’s attention was divided to four of us. Everywhere I went I felt their scent and, as male that I am, I feel disturbed and I would like to impose myself.

Than Worf and Data started to have small medical issues and the humans were very attentive towards them and their feelings. Although I was getting some attentions, it was not the same. Plus the stress I felt from the possibility of losing my supremacy… I’ve tried to act cool, to reject all those negative feelings, but it didn’t quite work.

So, at some point I’ve stopped being happy. No running around in the cage, no popcorns, no quiet moments with my human. Even when she picked me, I was always sniffing around to smell treachery or to make sure no one else was there before me. On top of this, her idea of making us living close one to another was not a happy one for me. She thought that it would be better for us to be able to meet in a common corner, but that means I get to see Worf all the time. So I spend my days chewing on the bars that separate us and trying to get to him. I have no idea what I would do to him; I just know his presence is a stress factor to me.

Lately I have developed a skin condition: I have a rush on my paws. First the human thought this is because of some mites that were stubborn and not willing to leave us alone. But it’s getting worst and it looks like a fungal infection. I would get treatment, this is not a problem, just that it seems to be a reaction to stress.

I had a long conversation with my human the other day (it helps having a human with some psychology studies in her background!) and we’ve decided that in three weeks’ time, when we will move in a new house, she will put some distance between me and the others: she will line up our cages so my only neighbour will be Spock. This way the skittish Worf gets some privacy also and he and Data would have also direct access to the room to check the surroundings. I’m already used to have Spock on my left, so we will see how it goes.

She even considers, in case the above solution is not working, to split us: me and Spock in one part of the house, Worf and Data in another spot. But let us hope this won’t be the case. Anyhow, she is preparing the new cage layout to be more versatile and allow changes like this.

Now, between you and me, after talking with my human, I have the impression she is on the verge of developing a stress based condition herself. She is so worried about me! She told me she is truly unhappy because of me being unhappy and she wishes most for the four of us to be happy and healthy. So, let’s hope it will work and I will go back to being a happy piggy. But, for now, I’ll keep being stressed and chewing the grids.


Just chilling

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileOne of our readers asked for a new video with The Gang, We’ve rushed the human to respond to this request asap, and we went back to our “business as usual”. As the human was packing (apparently we are moving in a bigger apartment), I thought she will ad this task to her very long to do list and it will be done when the tripod would show up again. But, as she is not quite a normal human, dropped everything and did this footage while we were chilling and sleeping.

Bare with us for a little bit more than five minutes and you will see Kirk harassing Worf and flattening himself while being caressed, than allying with Worf and begging for pellets. We can also see Spock that can’t stand full day light (we suspect him being a vampire) sleeping with his eyes closed just before being woken up by the camera and you could seem me yawning and stretching.

We hope you enjoyed us! Now it’s time to be fed so we need to demand human’s attention. 😀

P.S. The quality of our video it’s much better on our computer! 😦