Not again!

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileI knew we should not agree with her going on vacation. Our only excuse is that she was bubbling about how much she needed to rest and relax and enjoy some sun and sea water. So, we honestly thought she will just go do that. But no! She took the laptop with her, like she would write the masterpiece of her career in these 8 days out of Brussels!

You see?! This is our real problem: we are without laptop. Or laptopless, to put more correct. The human male has his own, but it has a weird keyboard (azerty I think…) that we do not like. And none of our shortcuts in the Favourites bar. More, he is almost all the time at home with his beloved laptop. This ragging post is written while he took Data to the vet for the 3rd time in 4 months and the rest of us had some time to check social media and blog. Don’t tell them, but Data faked his medical issues just to make the human male go out on a rainy day and leave us with the laptop.

Now, what exactly I was saying?! I have no idea… I think I just needed some space to complain. Especially that we are campaigning for Kirk again and we are using her laptop usually. But now we are stuck and there is nothing we can do about it. Next time, we will ask to go on vacation with her. Just to check what is so great about a large water and some sand. I mean, what normal creature would like to cook herself in the sun and sink in water? We wouldn’t! Imagine my perfect white fur sweating and all the sand stuck around my grease gland! Not talking about the water! I do not like water and bathing… And August is approaching fast and it’s time for our bath.

Oh, yes! I just want to say that we haven’t abandoned the blog, nor the social media. Just that we have some technical issues (the lack of our preferred laptop counts as that, no?!) and we are carefully considering using the humans’ credit cards to buy ourselves a dedicated laptop.

OK, now I’m tired… I’ll go check the couch for some food.



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