We had guests

I hope you all know by now that we are pretty famous piggies. Especially among the friends of our humans. This is not difficult as she speaks a lot about us and has thousands of photos. Literally! So, from time to time, other humans come to worship us and bare gifts. Unfortunately not all of them bring something for us, but sometimes is for the humans…

Last Sunday two other humans came to see how amazing we are. A female and a male… They bared no gifts for us, but some wine and soda for her. Disappointing! And despite all this, the female visitor spent a lot of time caressing us for free. We were even thinking of making a rule that no human is allowed to touch unless they pay a fee. Our own human female was shocked that I was not running scared as I do every time I see humans. But this lady was nice and for sure she didn’t force on me any syringe with medicines or hay instead of vegies. And she did not had the look like she would like to eat me.

The male visitor was not very convinced about us, he only checked on us twice and asked some polite questions just to make our human feel good. I definitely was not impressed with him as he was the one bringing the drinks and I don’t serve red wine. I had some water yesterday and I love Actimel, but this is it. Anyhow, we were not impressed with him either… And I should suggest to Data to publish a list of gifts that we would for sure accept. Things like celery, carrots etc.

I would like to end with some photos the human took few days ago that show really my opinion about her.



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