Just chilling

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileOne of our readers asked for a new video with The Gang, We’ve rushed the human to respond to this request asap, and we went back to our “business as usual”. As the human was packing (apparently we are moving in a bigger apartment), I thought she will ad this task to her very long to do list and it will be done when the tripod would show up again. But, as she is not quite a normal human, dropped everything and did this footage while we were chilling and sleeping.

Bare with us for a little bit more than five minutes and you will see Kirk harassing Worf and flattening himself while being caressed, than allying with Worf and begging for pellets. We can also see Spock that can’t stand full day light (we suspect him being a vampire) sleeping with his eyes closed just before being woken up by the camera and you could seem me yawning and stretching.

We hope you enjoyed us! Now it’s time to be fed so we need to demand human’s attention. 😀

P.S. The quality of our video it’s much better on our computer! 😦


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