Lovable me

(Me meaning Spock, just not to create confusions. :P)

Well, Kirk is competing again trying hard to get his lips into a calendar at the end of this year. We hope he will win, so he will feel better and resume his happy life.

Me, myself and I are passing our days like usual: sleeping in the wood house all day long to protect our beautiful and sensitive red eyes from the daylight, getting out in the evening and asking the human to scratch our head, but keeping her away from any cuddles and other emotional manifestations.

The only big interruption was on Saturday when she cleaned again! everything in our cages. (The Friday bath was an event, but I’ll let Data to tell you about it. :D) Like always, she put first Worf and Data in the house and I’d became very curious about what was going on. So, I’ve put my pretty face on and got out at the fence to make inquiries. The human found me very cute (I am handsome, woman!) and took a lot of pictures of me. I must admit she managed to capture also the sweet side of me, not only the larky one.

spock 2spock1So, am I lovable or what?!




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