We had guests

I hope you all know by now that we are pretty famous piggies. Especially among the friends of our humans. This is not difficult as she speaks a lot about us and has thousands of photos. Literally! So, from time to time, other humans come to worship us and bare gifts. Unfortunately not all of them bring something for us, but sometimes is for the humans…

Last Sunday two other humans came to see how amazing we are. A female and a male… They bared no gifts for us, but some wine and soda for her. Disappointing! And despite all this, the female visitor spent a lot of time caressing us for free. We were even thinking of making a rule that no human is allowed to touch unless they pay a fee. Our own human female was shocked that I was not running scared as I do every time I see humans. But this lady was nice and for sure she didn’t force on me any syringe with medicines or hay instead of vegies. And she did not had the look like she would like to eat me.

The male visitor was not very convinced about us, he only checked on us twice and asked some polite questions just to make our human feel good. I definitely was not impressed with him as he was the one bringing the drinks and I don’t serve red wine. I had some water yesterday and I love Actimel, but this is it. Anyhow, we were not impressed with him either… And I should suggest to Data to publish a list of gifts that we would for sure accept. Things like celery, carrots etc.

I would like to end with some photos the human took few days ago that show really my opinion about her.



Sweet immortality!

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileFor once our human female did something foolish, but deign of what we are. Finally she understands we are unique, the masters of her life and her reason to be. Although she won’t ever admit it… But I think she got it that she is there to worship us. And I say this because of her latest feat.

So, she found out on Facebook that one of her buddies was doing dolls from felt. Usually owls and foxes to be put on pillow cases, but an idea rang in my human’s brain. But not only this fried of her does this, but half of her gain goes to an humanitarian cause back in Romania: the lady is helping a little girl with money that can sustain her surgeries and hospitalisation in Germany. And our human took no time to order four dolls deciding they will go to our godparents as a gift, especially that two of them are 6 years old kids. The other two are over 30, but I think they can still use a doll from time to time.

The dolls arrived before the human female left for Mallorca, but as she took the camera with her, we had no possibility to take pictures. We particularly don’t like the very fancy phone of our human male because it has a black cover that flips and flutters and scares us to death. OK, not really to death, but at least to freeze.

When we first saw the dolls, we really thought we should call a shrink for her. But we told ourselves that we could analyse them and after a while we realized it was a fine idea. I mean now we are immortals. Those dolls will exist long after we will be gone (sad, but true) and the kids will play with them and remember us.

So, check our stand-ins. I think we may even go out in town and leave the dolls at home, the humans would not realize the difference. The even have whiskers.







The ultimate T-shirt

guinea_pigs_tales_profile_kirkI think at some point I will revolution the psychoanalytical world by publishing a book regarding the human craziness. And our human female would be the main study case. Poor woman, she really needs some therapy.

As you may know, she was on vacation, abducting the laptop and the camera. Fortunately, the two objects were safely returned. And the human also… Although we were not really worried about her. Now, the point is that she went shopping while being on a Spanish island called Mallorca. Which normal in the brain person would go shopping while on vacation?! Not only that she went shopping, but she bought a T-shirt with a Guinea Pig riding a yellow motorbike and wearing a very pink helmet.

First of all, my dear furry friend, riding a motorbike can be dangerous, so please wear a full suit, not only a helmet. Next: a pink helmet?! Really?! I wouldn’t wear something like that in a million years… And finally, why would she buy a T-shirt with a no-name Guinea Pig on it when she has at least one precious VIP in the house?! I could even share one T-shirt with the others. So, I don’t understand her.

Oh, and by the way, at her venerable age she should stop fooling around with T-shirts like this. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m proud she is wearing a Guinea Pig, but the other humans may realize she is not quite normal according to the social norms and may put her under treatment. And this is not a good moment for something like this as the human male left for a while and we are home alone with her.

By the way, this is the T-shirt:


I will really try to manipulate her into having some T-shirts with us on them.