The laptop is back!

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileHer vacation ended in a cloud of rain, all gods hearing our prayers and revenge wishes. From a sunny weather and beach, she landed in the normal Brussels where it is cloudy and raining. Of course we were happy to see her, but we were even happier to find our dear old friend, The Laptop, still in a good shape, not very tanned and neither filled with sand. Also, The Photo Camera came back in a similar good shape.

You may think she missed us a lot, but you would be wrong. At least in my opinion… True, after she kissed the human male, she came and picked us all and cuddled, but only for short. Pretending to be tired after the return flight, she went to bed early and left us as she found us. Fortunately the human male had already fed us. But the worst part is yet to come!

Sunday morning she woke up late, around 8:30!, and first thing to do was to weight us. Honestly?! She could have cuddled us or express her joy to see us! But she chose to do the chores as usually… But the demanding Spock was not very happy with this so he started his show on the couch – running around, asking to be cuddled, and demanding his rights. After we had breakfast, she decided it was time to clean our rooms, so we’ve got some floor time which was cool. Spock even managed to jump in the hay box. We have no idea how he managed, the box being 17cm tall, but it seemed very easy from where I was watching… So, no special time with us!

On top of all this, I’ve got a new dose of treatment for lice and some nails clipped. And Kirk got all his nails clipped. I really think this is outrageous and I feel we must teach her a lesson.

By the way, she spent most of the day uploading photos like this one on Facebook and Picasa.


I really don’t understand humans!



Behavioural issues

guinea_pigs_tales_worf_profileSomething is wrong with Spock… I know he’s our fearless ninja fighter and the lead harasser of our humans, but sometimes I have the impression he is exaggerating. And Kirk seems not to be willing to interfere. I’ve tried convincing him to talk to Spock, but he said nothing is wrong with the lad and he sees no issues there. I don’t get them! What if the humans would think we are exaggerating and they will cut our veggies ratio?!

Anyhow, let me explain what happened… So, the human female is on vacation for 8 days. We all agreed she may leave without us and that we will do our best to survive with the human male. Everything was quite normal for three or four days. I mean “human male normality”: we were not having our main servant who knew exactly what we want, but things were fine. Except for the fact that the human male preferred to use her couch, the one that usually is also Spock’s domain, where he can go out and fool around whenever he wants. And he does not really understand when the perfect moment to scratch Spock between his ears is.

So, at some point Spock found himself in a situation where he had not been scratched for days, his view over the room was obstructed by the male and the couch was almost all the time busy with the bipod. And this made him act. He started going out on the couch and screaming out loud whenever the male was sleeping. Or just running around in his lap, when he was on the couch, and around and refusing to sit still. At some point the human male was so desperate that something may be wrong with Spock that he almost called the vet. But the female managed to calm him and his wallet dawn saying that if the crazy little guy eats and sleeps normally, he should wait before stressing him more. And asked him to start using his own couch and stop disturbing Spock.

Apparently this worked and now Spock seems happier. Let’s hope he’ll stop stressing until Saturday when she’ll be back… But this morning we all showed the male who’s the boss and woke him up at 7:30 to feed us. The female always feeds us around 7, but he always postpones that moment because he has no wish to wake up that early. But we need our breakfast and this is all that matters.

Just look at Spock how evil looks. Don’t you have the impression he’s planning something?! (The picture was taken with the human male’s phone because our camera is also gone with the female.)


Not again!

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileI knew we should not agree with her going on vacation. Our only excuse is that she was bubbling about how much she needed to rest and relax and enjoy some sun and sea water. So, we honestly thought she will just go do that. But no! She took the laptop with her, like she would write the masterpiece of her career in these 8 days out of Brussels!

You see?! This is our real problem: we are without laptop. Or laptopless, to put more correct. The human male has his own, but it has a weird keyboard (azerty I think…) that we do not like. And none of our shortcuts in the Favourites bar. More, he is almost all the time at home with his beloved laptop. This ragging post is written while he took Data to the vet for the 3rd time in 4 months and the rest of us had some time to check social media and blog. Don’t tell them, but Data faked his medical issues just to make the human male go out on a rainy day and leave us with the laptop.

Now, what exactly I was saying?! I have no idea… I think I just needed some space to complain. Especially that we are campaigning for Kirk again and we are using her laptop usually. But now we are stuck and there is nothing we can do about it. Next time, we will ask to go on vacation with her. Just to check what is so great about a large water and some sand. I mean, what normal creature would like to cook herself in the sun and sink in water? We wouldn’t! Imagine my perfect white fur sweating and all the sand stuck around my grease gland! Not talking about the water! I do not like water and bathing… And August is approaching fast and it’s time for our bath.

Oh, yes! I just want to say that we haven’t abandoned the blog, nor the social media. Just that we have some technical issues (the lack of our preferred laptop counts as that, no?!) and we are carefully considering using the humans’ credit cards to buy ourselves a dedicated laptop.

OK, now I’m tired… I’ll go check the couch for some food.