Few days ago, our mean human posted some photos with me on Facebook and some other mean humans commented and made fun of my habits. Just to make it clear, we are talking about this two photos.


She suggested that I’m piling up the food because I’m afraid somebody will steal it. Now, I just want to clarify some aspects! First, yes, it is true, I have the feeling that somebody may pick my food while I sleep, but I don’t think that someone will be one of “my boys”. Maybe Worf because he really cleans everything, but he loves me also and wouldn’t prejudice me. On the other hand, the way the humans are looking at my veggies scares me to hell. It’s like my veggies are tastier than what they have in the kitchen. So, yes, I’m afraid the humans will steal my food!

Next, I pile up my food close to me because I like comfort. It’s much easier to eat when the food is right under your nose than to wake up, get out of the wood house, search for the food and only then start chewing it. You should try it! You don’t even have to open your eyes. Just put the food in your mouth and eat. This is also the reason why we, the guinea Pigs, pee and poop where we sleep.

And not the last, sleeping on a pillow may be fun. Humans do this all the time, why wouldn’t I?!



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