Elasticity and flexibility

I don’t get why humans reduce our life to “eat, poop, sleep, repeat”. We do much more than this, just that we do it while they are no around so they can’t fuss over it. Also, they are out gaining a living for us and don’t have the time to watch us all day long. I’ve heard about crazy humans that are trying to record 24/7 the life of their Guinea Pigs with live cams, but I’d also noticed that the subjects have a talent for finding dead angles where to do the interesting things.

Now, coming back to me because I am the gorgeous V.I.P. here… One of my favourite activities is to stretch myself in order to keep my muscles trained. The human female pays money to go to some Pilates classes and she has no idea there are four highly skilled trainers in her own house. But, after all, it’s better that she goes somewhere else because, if not, she may bring her friends to take classes with us and we would need to be on a tight schedule and I really dislike having a very structured daily program.

So, usually I do my exercises on rounds. I have days when I like turning in to a ball. My goal is to look as much as possible as a fur ball or to contract myself in a very cute pose. Like this, for example.

kirk_furball kirk_nesting

Nesting like a hen in the hay helps a lot for this pose. I know some humans made fun of me on FB thinking that I pretend to be a hen, but revenge shall be mine.

Then I have days when stretching is the word of the day and I try to be as long as possible. The walls of my room help a lot for this and are awesome to exercise on.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go sleep curled up. Just to change the pose for the day.


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