What she thinks about us

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileThe other day we were just hanging around the laptop when I’ve decided to search a little bit trough her files. I mean trough the human female files… Just to keep an eye on her and to make sure she is not putting us on the market or something. One could never trust completely these humans! And, to my great surprise, I found some private notes about us. I thought Kirk is the shrink in the family, but she thinks she has a better opinion about that. So, look what she thinks about us.

Kirk: rotten spoiled, jealous and a real prima donna. He likes being in the center of attention. If he’s not, he will do everything in his power to be. Cute, almost handsome, and he knows it. So he does everything to let the other know about this. Neurotic, I may say…

Spock: crazy by definition! Self-sufficient. Tolerates human touch only in his conditions and only if he’s in the mood for it. Very independent. I suspect he’s the only one who could survive without human support. Has no fears. Or maybe has no gene to sense it…

Data: sweet. I think this is the word for him. For sure not dominant, but he likes company and to be caressed. He likes food and to sleep in his wood house. The rest is just a bonus. I think he has nine lives, like a cat. One may have been lost in the pet shop, one when a chair fell on him. Still seven to go…

Worf: skittish. Food addicted, especially pellets. So help us all gods if we skip the hour for pellets. A Callas concert is nothing compared with the sounds he can produce. I suspect he is also a little emo. We really avoid upsetting him from fear that we may bring a suicidal impulse.

Now, not that she is not wright (I am sweet!), just that she should not write assessments like this on his computer. It can go on the Internet and ruin our reputation. So, I’ve decided to put them myself on line as a good social media manager that I am. I just hope Worf won’t cut his veins on long with a sheet of paper. That would be messy!

I’m going to plot some revenge. Maybe a virus for her computer. The one that only me can overpass.


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