‘Cause when we are together…

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileThere are 10 days now since I’m living with Data. The fence between our cages vanished in one glorious Saturday morning, after a thorough cleaning. Since then we happily, more or less, share our lives, food and scents.

Everything started with one stubborn woman who decided that at least some of her piggies should live together. As I and Data were already friends trough the fence, she tried with us. I mean, we were sleeping next to each other and never chattering teeth, so she supposed we liked each other. I would say she is incredibly perceptive, but I would be wrong: it was our clever manipulation that got her to draw this conclusion.

In the beginning she tried mixing Kirk with us also, but soon she discovered that the two of us had no intention of getting along. We do not stand each other and that’s it! Although we’ve really tried, we ended up scratching each other (I admit: he got out with more superficial wounds than me.) and chattering teeth. And Data was always frightened when the two of us were around. So, in the end it was just me and Data.

Coming back to that glorious Saturday, the human female washed our wood houses also, so for one short period we ended up with a fleece blanket, which was awesome! The human tried very hard to make disappear our particular scents from each cage and personal effects, but the result was not as good as she thought. But let’s not break her hart. Anyway, she spent the next two days watching us to make sure we don’t fight. She even asked for input over our behaviour from more experienced Guinea Pigs’ slaves. Because for her was super weird to see us sniffing buts and popcorning like crazy after that. The human male even suspected me of an epileptic seizure when he saw me jumping in a very disorderly way.

The truth is that I feel super happy having Data around. I growl from time to time and I keep showing him who’s the dominant, but I like having him around and pulling from the same piece of celery. Life is funnier in two. And it may be even better if we could convince Worf to join us. For the moment we just hang around at the fence, but the human female promised to take us out together for play dates. We’ll see…

Too bad that Kirk’s personality is just so disturbed that he can’t behave nice around us. He loves to cuddle and the humans always thought he has better chances to bound with another piggy, but after all it was the independent and untouchable me that managed to cohabitate nicely with another one. I think Kirk just gets super jealous of others cosines, on top of the fact he doesn’t like me that close and that much. By the way, because we tend to infuriate each other through the fence and then I turn and chatter teeth with Data, the human put an opaque fence between us. Much better! He even stopped chewing the bars.

Well, I must go now. I need to sleep a little…




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