My first birthday party

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileApparently on the 15th of October it was my birthday. To be honest, no one knows exactly the day I was born because in a pet shop nobody cares about this. But our human female decided that no piggy should live without having a birthday party and a reason to celebrate once per year. So, based on some complex calculations (my weight, the date I arrived in pet shop, the lies the employees of such place tell about one’s age), she concluded I was born somewhere in October and 15th of October seemed a good date to celebrate.

I had no idea what to expect. I never had a birthday party, Spock and Kirk were vague in their explanations, so I didn’t know what will happen. Of course, 15th was a working day, so no human was around and available to bring treats and let us play in the house. But we’ve spent a lot of time in front of the laptop watching sows playing in grass on YouTube. Awesome day! Just me and my boys! Although we are always just the four of us…

The human promised me a birthday party in the week-end. And I waited that week-end like no other. But Saturday passed with no sign of a party for us, although they had a bbq, and Sunday began with scary suggestions like “bath”. Still, hope was with me.

After we had breakfast, the human let us explore the house. I and Spock got the bedroom, where no one has gone before. OK, Spock was there once before for two minutes! So, I’ve got the chance to pee and poop in a brand new room. Priceless! Unfortunately, after this fun part, she really gave us a bath with some fancy shampoo to treat some presumable lice issue. But Spock made sure she got out of this as soaked as we were. When I went back to my room, I was surprised to realise we were moved one room to the right, so that Kirk was not our neighbour anymore. Now he has a better view over the house and Worf on his right.


But the real party started only after! And it was all about nice herbs! The human grew fresh grass for us. Especially for my birthday! And she also bought us some dill, which I love. And I’ve also got a fleece blanket in my room. It was super fun. After all, even the bath was cool, because my fur is now soft and white. Although for a while I looked like a decrepit lamb…

Now I look forward for Worf’s birthday party: I’ve heard we will have loads of pellets!


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