Soft fur

guinea_pigs_tales_worf_profileApparently we, the guinea pigs, don’t have fur, but hair. To be honest, I have my doubts. Humans also have “hair”, but their hair is much different and for sure not as nicer as ours. So, I really don’t like my perfect fur being assimilated with the weird stuff covering humans’ heads and other parts of their bodies. But this is not about humans…

Today I just want to brag about my perfect, interesting fur. Or hair. As you prefer. I don’t know if you know, but I am black, with a white butt and with some brown and white spots. And I am a silky piggy, not a normal as the other three boys are. The thing is that my marks are almost symmetrical. It upsets me that I am not just symmetrical, only “almost”, but there is nothing I can do. Maybe some plastic surgeries interventions…

So, I was really thinking about participating in some beauty contests to show my perfect white butt to some sows, but I think I’m a little bit too shy for that. It’s like I’m wearing white pants all the time. How classy is this?! White pants and black coat… I’m already dreaming of the times of the musketeers and nice ladies with huge dresses. I think I would have been a real stud on that age.

On top of all this, I have a white and brown tuft on my head. I love my tuft! More, my lower lip is pigmented half white, half black and I have a stripe of white silky fur on my chin. By the way, my white butt and fur is different in texture than the black one. I just love scratching myself to feel the difference. And the human female also.

But, “la pièce de résistance” are my whiskers! On the left side of my head, some of them are white and some are black, while on the right side all are black. I am super cute with all this marks.



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