Back to some kind of normality

guinea_pigs_tales_profile_kirkI would like to start by thanking to all guinea pigs gods for the fact that the human guests cleared our house! Finally our two humans have more time for us. Oh, wait, one of the mothers is still here, but at least she cleared the couch! OK, maybe I should slow down…

So, after the other parents left, a male friend came over. He was quite quiet, but still he occupied the second bedroom and the human mom who was left behind kept using the couch. Not that I get to have a lot of time on that couch, but Spock and Data seemed pretty disturbed by her presence. Although we all suspect Spock of getting out on the couch during the night and contemplating the thought of doing something not very pleasant to that human. Data, the only one who can testify, keeps it quiet and refuses to declare anything. But we all noticed signs on the couch…

By the way, this human keeps comparing us with dogs, including in terms of behaviour. And lives under the impression that we should all be the same. Our human female keeps repeating that it’s normal for Worf to be afraid, as it’s normal for me to crave for human touch and for Spock and Data to live in their own world. But the human mom keeps saying I am super spoiled and the human female doesn’t love the other three as she loves me (totally untrue!) or that Spock is super aggressive towards Data just because he growls when sniffing Data’s bum. Honestly, she needs extensive training if she wants to stay around us.

By the way, just because I tend to infuriate Spock and Data whenever I get on the couch (I feel super brave from the other side of the fence!), now I get to spend my mornings when the human is changing the bedding in my pen in an armchair and in my own blanket. Look how super cute I am in a mauve blanket!



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