It’s all about hay!

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileI think I’ve already described the many ways a guinea pig can use the hay. And hiding in a stack is one of the ways. When I first wrote about it, I was living by my own. But now I have a flat mate, and life in two it’s much funnier. At least for us.

So, Data has the same passion of dragging the hay down and play in it. Of course, after he pees, poops and sleeps on top of the stack. We go along just fine in this regard and I always enjoy seeing him dragging the hay from the manger. He has a special way of doing it: props his head between the squares of the fence where the manger is and drags the hay with his front paws. He doesn’t stop until the whole stack is down.

The funny part in this story is the humans. They strongly believe we are actually chasing one specific straw when doing this. The truth is we really enjoy making a mess and then sleeping on top of it. How else could we convince the humans to give us a bath from time to time so I could get the opportunity to climb on her and soak her in dirty water with shampoo?!

But, I have the impression we are talking too much. So, this time, I’ll let you with more pictures than usual.



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