Life with Spock

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profile I never got the chance to tell you about my life with Spock… Let me make it clear: this is not gossip, but a tale of what is like to share a flat with a guy like Spock. And probably I should start by telling why I say “a guy like Spock”.

Spock is not a regular piggy. He has no fears; not even the vacuum cleaner scares him and he is the greatest explorer I’ve ever met. Also, he tolerates humans in his own conditions, not when they want. So, nobody ever thought that a guy like Spock would ever accept another piggy so close in his life. With Kirk it never worked and never will. And let me tell you that Kirk is the one who always comes out bruised from the quarrels.

Our humans did not expect him to be tolerant towards another piggy, so they were super surprised to see he really enjoys my company. True, I’m also smart and let him dominate within some boundaries, but I think it also comes from his side. He has his moments when insists on sniffing my butt, I hide inside a wood house, but it passes and soon we go back to our normal life.

Of course I’ve learned a lot of things from Spock. I remember how nice it was to discover I could climb the couch. Or just to take a walk on it. Super fun, especially when there is no human around and there are plenty of pillows and fleece blankets to explore. Next, he taught me how to move my wood house and annoy the humans with this redecorating. I’ve also learned how to beg and ask for food and I must admit it’s funnier to do it in two.

But the most amazing part of our lives is the way he comes and sleeps near me. At least the humans think so because he is not really the type to cuddle. I mean we eat pellets from the same bowl and, at some point; he fell asleep so close to me that I almost can’t chew anymore. I go sleeping in a wood house, he comes and sleeps in front of it. I must admit he’s sweet, but don’t tell him this. And of course we share food… And we always want the same piece of veggie and the same straw.



Concluding, living with Spock is amazing and I look forward exploring the house with him for his birthday. I know it’s only in February next year, but the human decided we will get the whole house for few hours.

P.S. I am the one with pink ears. 😀


More humans around

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileOK, humans are weird: they stay in touch with other humans, including parents. I mean, look at us! We leave our elders at some point (fine, most of us…) and go find our own humans. But the humans don’t. They need other humans around them. It hearts a little bit my feelings, but I need them to be happy in order to keep me happy.

So, where was I?! Oh, yeah! Since last week we have another three humans around. For one of them, the mother of our human female, it took 3 days to understand that we are not dogs. She kept coming to the fence and calling us hoping we will just go to her like dogs do. Of course we did not! I mean which serious, normal guinea pig will just go to a human without being bribed with a treat? We have better things to do, like sleeping, pooping and dragging the hay on the floor.

By the way, we have a new favourite activity: running around the pen and spreading the dried poop as far as possible on the room floor. But this is another story…

Coming back to our humans, that particular human finally got it and she keeps her distance. Still, she prefers Worf because he is black, so she goes often in front of his pen and starts baby talking to him. Weird! Also, she sleeps on my couch. I mean MY couch! This is outrageous and I tolerate it just because our private humans assured us it is a temporary situation.

The other two are keeping some distance. There is another human female, she comes to the fence from time to time and gives us pellets. She doesn’t want us to pet her or other stuff. And the older human male keeps an even longer distance. Amazing is that he acknowledged that our human female loves us. I really find this offending: how could somebody assume we are not lovable?! Just look at me how cute, handsome and amazing I am.


I know, Data is sharing the photos with me, but don’t forget that I am the one with grey ears.

By the way, with all this humans around, we are kind of reluctant to take over the laptop and do our social media thing. They wouldn’t believe their eyes seeing us writing and doing all this networking. And we are afraid they will have a heart attack or something… But they will leave next week and we can go to our normal routine.