Some kind of a balance

We’ve been informed by our hf that it would be polite to write some whishes at the end of the year. But we also feel we should make some kind of a balance for 2014…

So, we had a great year. We’ve launched ourselves in blogging and made ourselves a Facebook page. Two new boars joined the gang and Spock and Data decided to move in together. The whole gang moved in a bigger house ad we hope to have a garden with fresh grass for the summer.

Yeah, not everything was perfect! We had to visit the vet several times for lice and epilepsy, the only one spared from seing the doctor being Kirk.

But we had awesome time sleeping, pooping and eating! We hope you all had a great year and we wish a better one for 2015!

happy new year

Happy New Year!

Live long and prosper!


Fluffiness is a state of mind

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileTwo days ago the hf started happily screaming and shouting something about some snow. Honestly, I had no idea what is she talking about because I have never seen snow in my life. Last year I spent the winter in a pet shop and they didn’t show me much from the outside world. So I couldn’t understand why she was so happy…

Then she showed me some white stuff on the ground in the garden. Of course, from behind the window… To me it looked just like some frozen rain and the other boys assured me it was only that. But apparently she goes crazy every time it snows in Belgium, which happens like once per year. So I think we are safe for the rest of the season!

Why I told you about the snow?! Because only the thought of frozen water and getting wet made me a little bit chill. And not only me. The rest of the gang feels the same. So, given the fact that the hf took a week of vacation to study for some strange language class (Dutch!!! When she should learn our language!) and she is at home with the radiator on, we took advantage of the situation, got fluffy ant went to sleep. We can pretend it’s cold inside and there is a lot of snow around just because our bedding is white…


Christmas gifts

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileIn this period of the year the majority of humans around us seems super busy with something they call Christmas celebration. Still, our hf looked chilled and not being too much into this. Now, to be honest with you, we don’t really get this religious stuff, but we definitely got the part that involves presents. And we looked forward to seeing what we would get…

We were expecting something like small treats or a day in the house or some fresh grass. But the hf had some crazy ideas regarding the enlargement of Kirk’s and Worf’s rooms because she noticed that the first one had not enough space for running like crazy and racing. So, on the 23rd of December, when any normal Christian human was chasing gifts for other humans, our hf was calling all the special printing shops in town to check for some coroplast sheets. Finally she found them and went to pick them up.

Initially she planned on doing the works next week while she would be on vacation. But she realized the hm won’t be around and her big belly is an obstacle. So on Tuesday evening the hm was forced to help in building bigger rooms for Kirk and Worf. I suppose he had other plans, but the look on her face suggested that resistance was futile. The house was turned upside down, Kirk and Worf got floor time and the humans started folding and cutting coroplast. I must admit the hf already has experience with this and everything went fast.

For us there was no big change just that our pen moved closer to the wall. With us inside! Not super funny, but we survived. Regarding Kirk and Worf, do not imagine the humans doubled the size of their rooms, but let’s just say that Kirk has a little bit more space for his big, fluffy bum.


On the other hand, Worf looks even smaller in his bigger room.


I and Data thought we will not get anything, but we were fine with the idea. I mean, from time to time, one must sacrifice for the others. The hf thought of building a top floor for us, but then she realized it will be more difficult to clean, especially that now she has a big belly and soon she will also have a bipod pooping machine around. As I said, we totally understand. We already have a big room and plenty of space for running around and popcorning.

But a nice surprise was in line for us also and on Thursday morning, after the hf did some adjustments to our improved penthouse: we received a basket with treats! To be honest, we don’t really like processed food, but the willow basket is very tasty.

data_spock_basketWe hope you also received nice gifts in this period. 🙂