Some (serious) updates…

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileI see that my house mates write only stupid, funny things, like life resumes only to that! So, I think it’s up to me to give you some more full of substance updates regarding our lives.

First, we all got fatter. A little bit, don’t imagine we are obese!  Just that now we are all on diet, meaning that the human female really pays attention at how many pellets we receive. Because we all gained weight due to some over feeding with pellets while the other humans were visiting. The not so funny part is that we are all on diet because of Kirk: as he is already over 1.35 kilo, the human female is afraid he will have health issues if we don’t keep it under control…

Next, on Sunday we had a difficult moment… We were all captured against our wills by the human female and had our nails trimmed. True, Kirk was the least upset, but he was sleepy so I suppose he never really knew what happened. Even Worf was not pleased. Of course, Spock was the most difficult and I followed closely, as I am learning from the best.

Not only that she clipped our nails, but she also checked on us, mainly for any traces of mites or lice. You know we had two baths each during one week one month ago and on Sunday she wanted to see the results. Well, for sure it was not a mites infestation! Most probably lice and the shampoo from Gorgeous Guinea saved us from a trip to the vet, more chemicals and a huge expense for the humans’ pockets. Now, we do not encourage self medication and when in doubt you should always take us to the vet! But in this case the signs were not consistent with the one of mites, so we’ve tried the mild solution for lice.

By the way, now that we are clean, we are super busy with finding a concept for the Christmas photo session. The human female has a lot of naughty ideas, but I am not sure we will cooperate. Only if she promises we will get some nice presents… Most probably we will try to shot something this Sunday. And maybe we will come up with some other profile pictures.

And last, but not least, I’ve decided to keep a close eye on the human female. So, whenever she is on the couch, I stare at her and whatever I do, I don’t lose her from sight. You can notice this in the video she made last week-end with me and Spock sharing one chunk of celery.


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