Happy birthday, Worf!

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileToday is Worf’s birthday. The one approximated by our humans after complex calculations… So, happy birthday dear Worf!

As I met him first and we also shared a room for a while, it is my duty to write something about him. Also, I think it’s a nice gesture given the fact that we need to mark the moment and Worf is too tired after the yesterday’s celebration. Because we’ve celebrated yesterday, as it was Sunday and humans were around.

Now I wonder what should I write about him?! I think everybody knows already that he is shyer than the rest of us, loves to cuddle in soft anoraks and is pellets addicted. We shared a small cage in the pet shop, I’ve tried to teach him how to impose himself in front of rabbits with no success and we came together in The Gang due to the fact that the human male fell for Worf’s white bum and decided I could no longer live in a pet shop.

Worf is a little geek who loves living on his own, although he doesn’t seem disturbed by sharing some floor time with Kirk. They even get along just fine, but sharing the same room may be problematic. He also loves to hide in blankets and other soft spots and refuses to leave the human female anorak whenever he gets there. Oh, and he is the only one who can stay one hour cuddling without peeing and pooping.

I’ll go check on him now and see if he could tell you how he partied all day long yesterday. But not before showing you a photo of Worf exploiting the human male and his laptop.


(FYI: We don’t know any of our birthdays, but the humans think we should all have a day of celebration per year. So, based on our weight and the stories told in the pet shops, we all got an approximate date of birth.)


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